Moving On To Painting Furniture - Fresh Coat Finishes

Moving On To Painting Furniture

Finally … the moment I had waited for! It was time to put my newfound milk paint skills to use on my first furniture project!

I’ve already described my roundabout path to getting the country farmhouse look I wanted in a recent blog, but if you missed it, click HERE.

Now I’m finally ready to make some magic happen on some furniture! I TV stand before paintingchose a small cabinet I wanted to use as a TV stand. It had a handy pull-out drawer to hold DVDs, and had just the right amount of room for my components. I took the doors off so my components could “see” the remote control. It was in pretty good shape, but it had seen some wear and tear. The top was scratched and overall it needed some pizazz.

TV stand painted with Mustard Seed Yellow milk paintI scuff-sanded it all over and gave the top a good sanding. I decided to stain the top a rich walnut color and painted the rest with two coats of Miss Mustard Seed's MilkPaint™ in a beautiful color called Mustard Seed Yellow.

[To learn how to mix the paint, click HERE.]

The paint went on easily and dried quickly, letting Closeup of detail of TV stand showing distressing technique and chippinessme paint a second coat the same day. I absolutely loved the color! Yellow can be a tricky color in decorating. If you’re not careful it can veer into loud territory, but this was a warm, golden yellow that would look great in my living room.

I gave it some gentle distressing with a fine sandpaper and I was please Closeup of top corner of TV standto see just a little bit of chippiness. This was due to the varnish used on the previous finish. Don’t like chippiness on your furniture? There are ways to prevent it. Read about that HERE.

I gave the whole thing, including the stained top, a nice coating of Miss Mustard Seed's MilkOil hemp seed oil to finish it off. Hemp seed oil is a great finish for indoor pieces. It contains no solvent and is food contact safe. It gives your furniture a protective, water resistant surface. After giving my TV stand about ½ hour to absorb the richness of the oil, I wiped of the excess and I was done! Hemp oil needs about 24 hours to dry and about 30 days to cure so you should avoid any rough use on your piece during that time.

Now my TV stand is right at home in my living room and it’s time for another project. WAIT! What is that I see out on my burn pile? Don’t light that match, I’m coming for the rescue! Stay tuned for this story in a future blog.

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Happy painting!

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