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Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint

MilkCoat™ (Tough Coat) Low Sheen/ Satin

MilkCoat™ (Tough Coat) Low Sheen/ Satin

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Formerly known at Tough Coat, MilkCoat is a water-based sealer with low odor and low VOC’s. Provides a protective, washable topcoat. MilkCoat™ can be applied over any painted surface. Available in High Sheen/ Gloss, Low Sheen/ Satin, and No Sheen/ Matte. Matte is not recommended over black paints, instead try one of our other finishes such as MilkWax™ or MilkOil™.

-Apply with a brush (foam or bristle), lint free cloth, or damp sponge
-One-coat application
-MilkCoat™ dries quickly so a damp applicator is recommended
-Soap and Water clean-up


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