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Burn Pile Rescue

Time for the next tale from my furniture flipping past.

I’ve already described my rocky start to creating a rustic farmhouse look. After successfully refinishing some small pieces, I moved on to my first furniture makeover.

Ok, so what's next? I desperately wanted to transform my hutch, but I knew a piece that big would take some time.


Glancing out my window, something on our burn pile caught my eye. It didn’t have enough form to know what it was, but it looked to be pieces of finished wood.

Could that be (gasp) a piece of furniture?

Curious, I went out to look closer. Well, it definitely USED to be a piece of furniture. As a puzzle lover, the voice in my head said, “I wonder if all the pieces are there”.

Pile of pieces of disassembled table

I started trying to piece it together and, lo and behold, the pieces were all there! (Cue the choir)

The wood was in decent shape, but it had accidentally been left out on a deck in the rain which had dissolved all the glue joints. Grabbing wood glue and vices, I soon had it all put back together.

Closeup of detail of table

A little bit of sanding to rough up the old varnish and I was ready to revive this little cutie. I chose a lovely warm greige MilkPaint called Schloss. Halfway between gray and beige, it can complement many different color schemes.

I gave it some light distressing to bring out the details and finished it with some Antiquing Wax to really give it depth.

Now it adorns my living room where it serves as both a side table and plant stand. It looks right at home!

Every time I look at it I remember that jumble of wood and I’m so glad it didn’t get burned up in a bonfire!

 Side table in Schloss

I'd love to hear from you! Have you done some furniture restoration? Would you like to, but aren't sure where to start? Drop me a line below and let me know what's up!


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